Download Link Using JDownloader

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Download Link Using JDownloader

Post by puchipucca » Tue Apr 05, 2011 11:25 am

JDownloader .dlc Tutorial

JDownloader allows for advanced link protection while simplifying the download process.
It allows non-premium users of hosters like mega upload and rapid share to queue links for automated downloading. Using a .dlc file with JDownloader is very similar to torrenting, with the .dlc acting as the .torrent and JDownloader acting as your download client (but you're still directly downloading).

How to Download!
- Download the DLC
- Open JDownloader
- Link Grabber -> Load Container (Select the .dlc)
- Remove files you don't want, select a mirror and Add Selected Package
- Start Download

JDownloader Guide
1. Download JDownloader**
Ensure you have the latest version of Java and download JDownloader from their website:

2. Extract, Run and Update
Extract and run JDownloader.exe (Windows) or JDownloader.jar (Mac/Linux).
Allow JDownloader to update as required.

3. (Optional) Add Premium Information
You may wish to add your premium information by navigating to the host under the "Premium hoster" menu. JDownloader is open source and this information is secure. It is able to work without this information as a free user.


You may also wish to set the number of chunks to download at once as a premium user in order to speed up downloading.
F11 (Or "Extras" menu → Configuration) → Download/Network → Downloadcontrol → Number of Chunks/Download

4. Download and Load DLC File
Download the .dlc file and load the container file into JDownloader through File → Add → Load Container or clicking "Load Container" on the icon hotbar (button #4). Navigate to the .dlc and select it. Windows users can associate the DLC filetype with jdown.exe to speed up this process.
Note: Some browsers don?t recognize .dlc as a filetype and you may need to use right-click "Save As".
Please Note: If you load more than 4 DLCs in 10 mins to JDownloader you will be banned from loading more for an hour with a "Container Error: Server claims: (URL)", "Server response: input length not multiple of 16 bytes" or "DLC Limit Reached" error message.
You can check your current status here.

5. Select Files and Hoster
Once you have loaded the DLC and the linkcollector window is displayed it is recommend you use:
Edit → Split packages by hoster
********** shortens filenames so you may have to view the ********** mirrors for the full names and filesizes. Select which files and mirrors you wish to download from by right clicking on the files, then "Accept All" or "Accept Package" when you are happy.

6. Start Downloading
Click the Green Arrow (button #1 on the hotbar) to start downloading.

I'm currently having a lot of trouble with the mega upload links, help!
The mega upload revamp and new captcha system are an attempt to stop automated download programs like JDownloader. The JDownloader dev team are aware of the problem and are currently working on a fix, you can keep track of their progress on their forum and news section. Until they find a way around the problem you can always use the mega upload mirrors.

To Disable Automatic Extraction:
F11 (Or click "Extras" menu → Configuration) → Addon manager → Untick JD-Unrar → Save

Using a Proxy Server:
"Extras" menu → Configuration → Download/Network → Internet&Networksettings → Use Proxy

If you receive one of the error messages:
Container Error: Server claims: (URL)
Do you have installed the newest version of JD? Server response: input length not multiple of 16 bytes

a) Check you are using the latest version of JDownloader.
b) The JDownloader Server may be down, try again in a few minutes.
c) If you load a lot of DLCs in a short period of time (5+ in 30min) the JDownloader server may ban you for an hour. You can either wait this out or get a fresh IP address. Check your current status here.
d) Consider redownloading JDownloader.

I'm having trouble with JDownloader are there any other similar programs I can use instead?
Yes, CryptLoad is available for Windows users. It supports .dlc usage and automated downloading. Here are the website and download pages.

Other Useful Websites:
JDownloader official site, Wiki and support forum if you have questions.
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